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Can I request a change to Google Street View?

Can I change the Google Maps Street View for my store?

What can you do if you don’t like the image Google uses in its street view for your business? I had never thought about it until a client asked me recently. Those ostrich cars capture some strange images. Maybe a big truck is in front of your sign. Anything can happen. So yeah, it’s a good question. Can I request that Google updates my Street View?

Google Street View Car

Street View images come from special Google cars that drive down every road with 360 degree cameras on their roof. So no, you can’t ask Google to send the car back out to your store. You’ll just have to wait until you’re street hits the update queue.

You’re not totally out of luck. With the Google Street View app (android and iphone) you can take your own 360 degree photos and publish them to Google Maps. This way you can really take control of Street View images. However, this won’t change the “official” street view. Rather, it will show in your photos. This is not limited to your store’s exterior. Take 360 photos inside to give people a real feel for your location.

You can also request that Google remove sensitive information shown in a street view image. Using the Street View app you can ask Google to blur or remove 360 photos.

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