Bright. Creative. Problem solver. Optimizer. Simian.

SERP is “search engine results page”. Squatch is bigfoot. SERPsquatch is Jason Rogers. I spend a lot of time piecing together clues about how search engines work, and how to get my clients’ websites to rank. I have been in and around digital marketing since 2000, including 10+ years focused on SEO. As a digital professional, my goal is simple: help businesses succeed online. When I’m not occupied with work and family, I’m probably thinking about Sasquatch.

Are you tired of mediocre SEO campaigns? Have you heard the same spiel from the last seven SEO agencies you’ve talked to? Do you fret about lackluster results from all of that content you paid for? Do you read blogs about the future of SEO and wonder why your team is spending time contorting Page Titles into 65 characters? … and this is work by legit agencies! You’re probably tired of dodgy come-ons and back alley black hat characters as well.

Me too. 

I am seeking an opportunity with a firm brave enough to try something new with a digital industry veteran. In my experience agencies and companies invest too much on “best practice” checklists and never get around to tactics that move the needle. I am interested in future proofing your search investment by building sound technical foundations, establishing knowledge graph entities, and testing leading edge tactics. All white hat.

Let’s build something great together.

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