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Privacy Fallacy

Sasquatch is a private kind of guy. If you tell him something personal he’ll most likely forget it, so he’ll write it down. He has a book where he keeps important things, but it’s just as likely that he’ll leave it laying around somewhere. He keeps a low profile, so most likely no one will every see whatever he wrote down about you. But, there’s always someone looking for Bigfoot, so it’s up to you to decide when, where, what and how to share. One thing is certain, Sasquatch will never sell your personal data. He doesn’t even have Venmo.  Something else you should know; he doesn’t have any money, but he likes cookies. Sometimes cookies just show up in his cave. He usually eats them right away, but it may happen that a cookie is accidentally be tossed aside and lost in a cookie devouring frenzy. With cookies it’s like the peanut rule: “There is a good chance that everything here touched a peanut at some point“. If you’re allergic to cookies, you’ve been warned.

Such is the way of the Sasquatch. I subscribe to the Sasquatch privacy policy.

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