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Bing Listings with Low Confidence

– Bing is specifically focused on Address and Phone.
– Bing warns, “ Listing information with low confidence may not be shown to customers on Bing. Reviewing the information will boost confidence level.”
– Fixing this issue is as easy as logging in and a) click yes to verify the current info, or b) click edit to fix the data.

If you manage Bing Places you have probably received emails like this recently, warning that “Listings with low confidence may not be shown”. Bing is asking business owners to periodically verify their business data. The problem is that too many businesses create a
Bing Places profile but rarely return to keep their data up to date. The warning that your listing “may not be shown” may seem extreme, but Bing needs some fireworks to get business owner’s attention.

Are Bing Places Low Confidence Warnings Urgent?

Not really, but do you want to take that chance? There are two warning levels by when the profile was last edited.
– Low confidence = not reviewed for 6 months
– Very low confidence = not reviewed for 12 months
It seems unlikely that Bing would actually take action unless a listing has been dormant for at least a year. But really, it’s in your best interest to keep you business information up to date.

How to Fix Bing Listings with Low Confidence

Login to Bing Places. … Ok, let’s step back. Find your Bing Places login info. Try three different passwords until you remember the right one. Now login.

When you get to Bing Places you have the option to “review listings with low confidence”. You can click this banner or find them in the list of locations like this:

You can manually edit individual locations. Fortunately, you can also verify your Bing business data for multiple locations if they were “uploaded through Bulk”.

The Easy Way

It’s a good idea to actually check your data, but there is an easier way. This won’t actually verify the data Bing has, it just tells them that you don’t really care so you can get back to working on Google My Business.

Yes, you can approve multiple locations without actually reviewing them. Just select “Low confidence” to see all listings. Check the locations you approve and click “Mark as reviewed” and Bob’s your uncle.

Manually Edit Single Locations

When you login and click “Review business information”, you’ll have these options to verify your data.

The “Yes” option is obvious. If you select “No (Edit)” you will get the edit screen. Fix your data, save, and done.

Edit Multiple Locations

If you manage multiple storefronts you may want to fix Bing listings with low confidence in bulk. If your listings were “uploaded through Bulk” you can use a bulk sheet export/import.

In your dashboard, above the list of locations, you can select “Low confidence” listings. Export this list to csv. Using a spreadsheet makes it easier to verify and edit your data. Follow the bulk instructions to export, edit and re-upload your store data.

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