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Uncovering nuanced local rankings with Local Falcon

We’ve been using Local Falcon a lot recently. We know that the proximity of the searcher is one of the most important factors for local rank. We use Local Falcon to demonstrate this for clients. A typical result shows the business ranked #1 for their top keywords when the search is centered on their address. As you move away from their location the rank falls off. The Wizard’s Chest game store in Denver has a textbook profile for ‘toy store”:

Today I saw something I didn’t expect. I’m working with a technical staffing agency in Denver. They rank very, very well in local searches; #1 throughout the downtown.

This is great, but what about the suburbs? Boulder is an important market for them, so I centered the map on Pearl Street and ran it again. Not surprisingly, they don’t rank as well in the central business district. What blew me away is that they are ranking #2 everywhere else in Boulder except immediately downtown!

This result is crazy! A shop 25 miles away is out ranking other agencies within blocks of their door. We would never be able to see this type of nuance without a tool Like Local Falcon. Technical recruiting is competitive and Boulder has become a tech hub. I never expected this client would rank so well, and I’ve not seen another Local Falcon result quite like this one.

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2 thoughts on “Uncovering nuanced local rankings with Local Falcon”

  1. huh, that’s pretty interesting. But isn’t it just as interesting that they don’t outrank downtown?

    Also implies technically that Google views technical recruiting as a local business search like restaurants? When it’s more of a regional pro service…

    Wonder if it could be replicated in my space (healthcare).

    (technical search dork)

    1. Hi Ted. I think you’re right that recruiting is more of a regional pro service; basically a sort of SAB. If Google didn’t care about location Monster and Indeed and Dice would dominate. So yeah, Google sees a clear local relevance. Given that, it makes sense to me that proximity – immediately downtown – is powerful. But for the blast zone of that influence to be so small, so heavily influenced by a business 25 miles away is interesting. …And really, that’s what I have here; an interesting result. To uncover actionable insights I would need to repeat with more keywords, shift my geo focus, and repeat for those folks who are ranking downtown.

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