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Add a client to a Bing Places agency account

Bing is the second most used search engine making it an important citation. Here are instructions to add a client to your agency account. The main thing to know is that Bing requires you to get a signed authorization form from your client.

Why claim Bing Places listings?

I prefer to manually claim and manage Bing local listings, even when I use a citation service like Moz Local. You can add more detail when you manage them yourself and you can take advantage of features like Bing Offers. Perhaps most importantly you can address Bing Places low confidence warnings.

Before you begin:
First, you need to have an existing agency. You’ll need the ID you use to login. Next, be sure you have a client contact who can authorize you to manage their Bing profiles. Get that person’s name and email address. You will need to coordinate with them to complete verification.

Bing Places new client checklist

  • Get a person’s name and email who can can sign the authorization.
  • Log in at bingplaces.com.
  • Click to Register a Chain Business.
  • Fill out the Agency Verification info.
  • Fill the Owner / designated authority at your client business.
  • Download the template.
  • Submit to download the form.

Next, complete the Authorization Form and send to the client for signature. I try to complete as many fields as I can to make this as effortless as possible for the client. Save the form as a pdf and email it to the client for their signature. This is the important part; the person who signs the authorization must email the form to placesbulkusers@microsoft.com using their business email account. Eventually you will get an authorization email from Bing Places. Once you have that you can upload and manage your locations.

TIP : When bulk managing Bing profiles, ** Never use “Add Single Location” **. Always and only use the “Upload Multiple Businesses” option – even if just for one location. Uploaded listings are auto-verified in your agency account. “Add Single Location” will create an unverified dupe.

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